Living with Galactosemia

Primary School

Galactosemia during Early Childhood

Because galactosemia can impact how a child learns, they may need more support in school. Developmental delays may become more noticeable as your child begins school. It’s important to discuss the condition with your child’s teacher and school so they understand the support needed.

As your child grows, new complications may occur, or existing symptoms may change or worsen. Here are possible issues during the primary school years:

Symptoms of Galactosemia in Primary School Children

Visiting your specialist

At this point your child may only need yearly visits to their metabolic specialist. They may also undergo a neurological exam to help understand the full scope of your child’s development. Around 8 years old they also may have a bone density test to measure the amount of calcium and minerals in their bones.

Galactosemia Toolkit for Newly Diagnosed Families

The Galactosemia Foundation’s informative guide gives you the tools and resources you need to be the best advocate for your child.