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Keith Topper

Board Member at Large

Keith Topper is from Long Island, New York.  Born in 1997 and diagnosed with Classic Galactosemia at five days old (a diagnosis that was later changed to Clinical Variant Galactosemia), Keith is the only Board member to personally be impacted by Galactosemia.  Keith struggled with speech apraxia as a child and has dealt with the diet challenges his entire life.  Although he joined the Board in 2020, Keith has served as a volunteer and advocate for the Galactosemia community in other capacities.  He has attended eleven conferences, presented at several of them, and has spoken at other events, including the 2015 Harvard University Metabolic Symposium and the 2016 Rare Disease Day Event at Simmons University.

In 2019, Keith earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Management with a concentration in Law from Boston University.  After graduating, he worked as a paralegal at a law firm in New York City for two years.  Since 2021, Keith has attended St. John’s University School of Law.

In his free time, Keith enjoys spending time with his family (including his dog Mocha), exercising, and watching the Boston Celtics. As a Board member, Keith is looking forward to continuing his passion of advocacy by working with people throughout the community to make our Foundation as beneficial as it can be for everyone.